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Your Futuristic "results-driven" Marketing Partner​

“As an architect working in Dublin, 20 leads/month is more than I can handle. These guys are the best” - Kevin, Architect Services Ireland







What is Marketing?

At the end of the day, marketing is when you get a solid mix of brand awareness & results, and no – Brand awareness is not a result. Leads and conversions are results. 


That’s what Hustle Friday believes in. 

We are not emotional about one “marketing strategy” and we do whatever works best for our clients – be it SEO or Tiktok marketing. 

Over the past 10 years, digital marketing has evolved and now we are looking at web 3 and metaverse-focused marketing strategies. 

However, at the same time – we stay grounded as we know that a basic PPC or a SEO campaign also perform just fine if done correctly. 

In the past 5 years we’ve generated over 5000 leads and 20,000+ conversions for our clients. 

It’s also worth mentioning we are a certified Google Partner, a certified Hubspot and Semrush partner & currently in the process of getting our meta certification. 

We would want to be your marketing partners – not just a 3rd party coming and leaving after a quarter. 

"Hustle Friday is a pleasure to work with. I wouldn't be able to grow my agency to where it is now without Khalid's help. I will highly recommend him for anything related to SEO or Digital Marketing in general, thanks." - Adam, SDB Contracting Ltd
"Hustle Friday was wonderful. Excellent communication, and I saw some dramatic score improvements on my site. I will be returning to work with him again in the near future." Korey, 3D Paint Design

Brands We Work With

Our "Genius" Formula

Surprise: It’s not just about running ads and hoping things will work out. That’s the mistake most businesses make. 

It starts with planning where we try to understand your business & the products/services you are selling. 

Once we have a grasp of what you do, that’s when we brainstorm to come up with a few marketing campaign ideas that we think will work. 

From there on, we go ahead and produce the required content, prepare the ad strategy or organic SEO strategy, and finally, the world gets to see your brand’s marketing messages. 





How Do We Do What We Do?

Understanding Your Needs

It starts with understanding what you need. Every business is different and sometimes, a business is not even ready for marketing (and we are honest about that too if we feel that way)

Understanding your business is vital as without this, we wouldn't know what strategy will work best for the business. Marketing in the 21st century is a wide world. We need to find the perfect "angle" that suits your business.

Planning the best strategy 

Once we have a solid understanding about what the business is and how you want to see your brand in consumer's minds - that's when we start planning the strategy. 

We don't ignore any marketing channels. Everything from SEO to PPC to Tiktok influencers - are considered to see what will get us the desired result - the quickest. 

We always create a 6 month plan, as we believe 6 months is just enough time to test all our strategies for your business and give you a decent result. 

Running & Testing

Now that we have a solid plan of action, it is time to get dirty and test everything we planned. 

The good news is we will take care of everything that's required to make this a success, from content to production to running ads and optimizing the campaigns - we take care of it all.